“Attention Please!”

Four Great Reasons to Partner with a Boutique Agency

Like many companies, we are in the service business, which by very definition dictates that how we serve clients is the very basis of our endeavors. Of course, we do produce things like brands, campaigns, marketing materials, websites and a host of other creative and strategic deliverables that have great value to our clients and their organizations. Doing great work is important, but we must always remember that we are creating that work in the service of others—people with real challenges who are counting on us to help solve them.

KidGlov was founded on the premise that, for a service company like ours which places a high value on relationships and personal attention, bigger isn’t necessarily always better. It’s just bigger, less responsive, more complex. In fact, agency size and rate of growth have never been KidGlov’s primary goals. Rather, we view client success stories, commitment to their cause and healthy, enduring relationships as the more meaningful measures by which we gauge success.

Our very name refers to an old saying that “to handle something with kid gloves” means to treat it with special care. The name KidGlov embodies our style of business—thoughtfully, strategically and creatively advancing brands by working with them side-by-side. Authentic care for clients and sharing their marketing burdens is important. It matters to them, and it matters to us.

We believe our boutique agency model built upon these ideals distinguishes us from other firms. But more importantly, it provides significant value and benefit to clients who share these values.


Unlike working with a large corporate ad agency, boutique agencies allow you to actually meet and work with the team responsible for your success. This level of connection is essential for building authentic relationships built on trust and genuine concern for you and your unique challenges.


Smaller firms typically operate with a flatter structure which makes them much nimbler and more responsive than large agencies. Calls are returned promptly, emails are acknowledged, and questions receive answers in a timely manner. And when that occasional hot project gets handed to you late in the game, you have the confidence that your team will be able to rally around you to get things done.

Access to Senior Team Members

Because boutique agencies tend to be smaller, there are fewer layers between you and your team. That means you have more direct access to, and input from, senior-level creatives and veteran expertise without having to navigate corporate bureaucracy. Being on a first-name basis with your entire team, including the owner, should be the norm not the exception.

Centralized Decision-Making

When you are working with a smaller team of experienced professionals who are empowered to make decisions, you get answers and actionable recommendations much more quickly—from clients and from your agency partner. Approvals, reviews, turnaround times and strategic business decisions can happen in hours instead of days or weeks.

At KidGlov, we are sold-out believers in the value of the boutique agency model. It’s the reason we maintain offices in Lincoln, Omaha and Colorado. To think big and remain small means being present and spending time with the people we serve—a commitment to you and to each other to always focus on what matters most.

And if that doesn’t get your attention, it should.