How to Turn a Message into a Movement

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What’s the difference between sharing a message and igniting a movement? A message is typically one-way communication to an intended audience. A movement, on the other hand, engages a larger group of people. It’s driven by purpose, passion, and a desire to change the world.  

Here’s the secret — all movements start as a message. Lyn Wineman, KidGlov’s strategic expert, dives deep into this topic and gives you the steps that will help you on the path to turning your messaging into a movement. Fill out the form below to get the video.

Ready to turn your message into a movement?


After watching this video, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • Eight actionable steps so you can turn your message into a movement
  • How to craft a purpose statement for your organization
  • Three guidelines to help determine when your organization should speak up
  • How to utilize your brand so your marketing efforts are more effective and efficient

This video will give you the tools your organization needs to start a movement. 

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