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123 Connect with Me : Partner Kit Campaign

One of the ways Children’s Hospital & Medical Center advocates for children’s health is through their Center for the Child & Community.

KidGlov worked with the Center for the Child & Community to create the “123 Connect with Me” campaign for partner organizations to spread a unified message that inspires parents and caregivers to have positive interactions with children from birth to age three that help grow their healthy brains.

Campaign elements included: Brand Strategy, Logo, Critter Illustrations, Website, Posters, Handouts, Blog Articles, Social Media and Stickers.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

Connect Kits were developed for partner organizations to share “123 Connect with Me” resources through their networks to inspire adults to have positive connections with children every day that feel easy, loving and natural.

The Connect Kits include but are not limited to downloadable posters, handouts, milestone trackers, and articles written by early childhood experts.

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