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Nebraska Community Foundation : A Dream Domain

When you want people to turn up their dream switch, sometimes you’ve got to show them how. Nebraska Community Foundation builds up dreamers and do-ers on a daily basis, and now their website does, too.

Nebraska Community Foundation works with Cornhusker communities, accomplishing goals with them, not for them. Their site supports this focus, directing site visitors to easily searchable content and funds.

The foundation’s brand promotes its shared ideas, resources and experiences used to empower local leaders and nourish active hope in communities. These three tools are integrated into the website as well, through inspiring messaging, a collection of educational opportunities, guides and tools, and “Realize Dreams” blog posts highlighting the impact of donors and statewide success stories.

Various visuals, from community photos to engaging informative documentaries, are another updatable element on the Nebraska Community Foundation site. The purpose here was to ensure that their online presence was always growing, evolving and progressing, showing how a foundation that never stops dreaming needs a website that does the same.