Advanced Surface Technologies Case Study

How do you convince organizations in diverse industries — think aerospace, food machinery, medical equipment, electronics, military, and many more ­— who aren’t familiar with your company and your reputation, that you are the right partner for their projects? That you are a company they can depend on? That you’re so much more than a vendor? That your thinking and execution may save them thousands of dollars?

All good questions— ones most brands in the metal plating space need to ask themselves.

For Advanced Surface Technologies (AST), the answers came in the form of case studies that demonstrate not just their level of expertise, but their willingness to go to great lengths to get the job done right the first time and every time.

The proof is in the plating.

AST is a Colorado-based plating solutions company that provides high quality metal finishing. In simple terms, they coat various types of metals to protect them from elements that might negatively impact their performance.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s easy to assume that plating and finishing companies are all the same. Where AST stands apart is in their approach to not just individual projects, but to the industry as a whole. They don’t supply metal finishing—they deliver solutions that exceed their customers’ expectations and save them thousands of dollars in time and recalls. One in particular was able to keep its doors open because AST presented a plating solution no one else thought of.

Simply stating that you are a top plating company without any proof is meaningless. For AST, the magic was in showing what they’re capable of providing for each and every customer.

With one case study in the books, we’re working on a series of examples that highlight AST’s plating prowess. There’s a lot more to this industry leader than meets the eye. We are primed to go beyond the surface and bring it in full view of prospective customers.

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