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American Advertising Federation : Circus Freaks & Ad Geeks Show

With a tip of our velvet top hat, KidGlov went all-in as ringmaster of the American Advertising Awards in Nebraska. This event was far from your typical banquet, it was downright freaky.

Let the Geek Show Begin

Creatives from ad agencies across the state joined together for one night under the big top to be recognized for their outstanding work on Feb. 18, 2017, at The Rococo Theatre in Lincoln.

Guests were greeted by mysterious performers from Big Top Circus, complete with fire dancers and fancy winged hula-hoopers. And the freaks didn’t stop there.

Mrs. Yuka Layme, one of our resident bearded ladies, was the Master of Ceremonies. She entertained the crowd while recognizing the show-stopping work of professionals and students alike.

KidGlov pretty much geeked out creating pieces in support of this event like: a two-foot long call for entries poster (like, why not?), a reminder postcard, supporting website, awards presentation show reel and crazy cool shiny metallic awards.


The Circus Freaks & Ad Geeks Show was a huge success with over 250 ad geeks, weirdos, theatricals and attention grabbers there—many of whom went home with an Addy award or two.

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