Anytime Fitness : Shapes Up Its Brand

The local owner and operator of three Anytime Fitness franchises in Farmington and Aztec, New Mexico chose KidGlov to help differentiate and grow the brand in the face of increasing market competition. While the national franchise had historically provided some marketing and campaign support, the local team believed they could and should do better.

In a region still recovering from an economic downturn, Anytime Fitness was only using membership price to differentiate itself. To rise above competition, the health and fitness club needed to elevate its brand, sharpen its messaging and create a more distinctive identity in the market. An easy-to-use graphics system was also essential for the staff to produce and update consistent marketing materials going forward. Moreover, the positioning needed to continue to operate within, and dovetail with, franchise brand guidelines since the brand would continue to be in market with national campaigns. No small challenge, but one the KidGlov team enthusiastically embraced.

Any body. Any level. Anytime.

Through our brand advancement process and the rich insights of management, staff and members, KidGlov helped Anytime Fitness position itself not only as the premier health and fitness provider in the region, but also as a welcoming “third place”— an environment where people can spend some time free of demands from home (the first place) or work (the second). Anytime Fitness is a friendly community where people of all fitness levels, states of health, and backgrounds gather to improve their well-being.

This new strategy guided messaging, visual identity, graphic templates, marketing materials and a launch plan to help promote the refreshed Anytime Fitness brand to the market. The brand upgrade helped sharpen the club’s value proposition and positioning, firmly establishing Anytime Fitness as the premier health club option in northwest New Mexico.

We also produced brand templates and a design toolkit that allows the client to produce consistently branded materials, content, and advertising (like this billboard) using a library of photography we shot on location in Farmington and Aztec.

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