The Thought That Matters

Originally conceived as a recession-busting strategy of collaborative thought leadership and mutual business promotion, Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) found itself at a crossroads encountered by many successful, dynamic organizations. Having evolved beyond its original charter, CTLF needed to communicate a bold vision for shaping the future of leadership in our community while acknowledging the founders’ vision and the value delivered by its legacy programs.

Through our exclusive Brand Advancement process, we helped CTLF explore and adopt an overall brand strategy capable of rising to the challenge of a continually evolving organization—without losing sight of its foundational mission.

Stakeholders were interviewed, input was analyzed, and key themes were mined from the often very different perspectives of successful business leaders in the community. Patterns, trends, characteristics, values, beliefs, and traits were sorted and sifted and then distilled into a singular concept that simplified and supercharged CTLF’s brand promise without diluting the value and benefits delivered by its various programs.

Energized with fresh perspectives and a clearer vision of how the organization delivers consistent value through its many different but related offerings, CTLF’s leadership team embarked on initiatives to bring the strategy to life across the entire spectrum of offerings, helping CTLF elevate the organization and the leaders it serves to new heights.