Dakota Guardian Trust : Brand Strategy

Most trust companies don’t allow clients to use the expertise of their other financial advisors, estate planners and attorneys. Dakota Guardian Trust was formed to offer a new approach.

Upholding Your Legacy

Dakota Guardian Trust provides independent, high quality trust services that encourage advisors to remain engaged in managing assets held in trust – working in the best interest of the client.

KidGlov was selected to help brand, position and message this new South Dakota based trust company within a crowded and well-established marketplace in Nebraska.


Following our seven-step brand advancement process, a wealth of insights emerged to yield Dakota Guardian Trust’s new positioning statement:

Safeguarding what matters to you is what Dakota Guardian Trust is all about. As expert collaborators, we work in partnership to administer trusts that uniquely preserve and uphold the assets you have built.

Making it possible to stay with your financial advisor is one way Dakota Guardian Trust is positively different. Through a wealth of legal advantages, a broad spectrum of investment options and outstanding professional trust services, we help bring your foresight to fruition.

Dakota Guardian Trust delivers high-touch and high-tech service of the caliber your legacy deserves. By creating win-win solutions, we help grow, protect and transfer your financial assets for the future.


By weaving the new positioning statement into the fabric of the creative work, Dakota Guardian Trust launched into world with a new brand identity, logo, responsive website and tagline.

The shield within the logo loosely represents the prairie and skyline found in Nebraska and South Dakota. Colors and shapes were patterned after a horizon, implying looking toward the future.

KidGlov hand delivered these tools and services: Brand Identity, Stationery Suite, Sales Materials, Public Relations, Website and Social Media.


With a new brand identity, positioning and message strategy, Dakota Guardian Trust successfully promoted their new company and concept of being “advisor friendly”, to the world.

The brand launch and corresponding public relations efforts gave the impression of an established,
quality organization standing up to competitors that have long-term market presence.

In essence, KidGlov helped Dakota Guardian Trust start a legacy of their own.

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