Doane College : Brand-Raising Campaigns

As with all small colleges, Doane was facing a sharp decline in donations and needed a strategic and creative approach to motivate donors. We implemented a bi-monthly, multi-media, brand-raising campaign that helped increase donations by more than 5% — an impressive figure by college fundraising standards.

What Goes Around… Comes Around

Along with many small colleges in America today, Doane was facing real fundraising challenges with decreased participation in their annual fund drive occurring year-after-year.

Over the last 20 years, the national percentage for alumni participation has steadily decreased. In 2014, the participation rate was 8.3% compared to 18% in 1990.

With competition for donations at an all-time high—and internal costs on the rise—Doane needed help in getting more funds to continue providing life-changing educations for their students.

Doane enlisted KidGlov to give them a hand—to go beyond a single mailing approach by creating bi-annual multi-media, brand-raising campaigns so money…“Comes Around”.


“Helping people be all they can be,” and “Creating transformation,” were chosen as the most fitting brand descriptions for Doane, solidifying their archetypes as Magician, Hero and Lover.

Fall and spring campaigns were carefully crafted to promote Doane’s ability to create transformational experiences for students and to nurture a close-knit community beyond graduation.

Campaign messages were strategically marketed through multiple mediums including: traditional letters, postcards, emails, campus phone-a-thons, web banners and social media.

In addition to campaign materials, KidGlov also helped Doane develop a few print pieces to make and build ongoing relationships with their Alumni Office.


Each campaign creatively coat tailed on a familiar quote that complemented Doane’s brand voice, visual identity, colors and promise.

In the spring, a paper airplane in the shape of Doane’s shield emphasized the message and movement of the common saying, “What Goes Around… Comes Around.”

Then in the fall, a graphic of a kite and the old African Proverb, “If you want to go far, go together,” were used to emphasize, “By giving to the Doane Fund, you help students reach higher heights.”

KidGlov hand delivered these brand-raising tools: Direct Mail, Emails, Web Banners, Social Media, Greeting Cards and Handouts.


Doane’s bi-annual multi-media, brand-raising campaigns were part of an overall effort that increased
the Doane Fund by over 5%, an impressive figure when considering the expansive and long-term nature of college fundraising.

The campaigns drew compliments, from the Director of Annual Fund & Advancement Operations and Vice President of Marketing, on how efforts were strategic and engaged best practices.

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