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Farmers & Merchants Bank : Customer Appreciation

A brand’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint. How they talk to and interact with their customers is largely determined by their brand archetypes, which we absolutely love to define.

For Farmers & Merchants Bank, we identified a unique combination: Sage, Ruler and Everyman. This means they’re simultaneously strikingly smart, incredibly competent and down to earth.

So, when Farmers & Merchants Bank approached us to help them think of a way to show just how much gratitude they have for their customers, we asked ourselves one thing:

How do you say “Thanks” with this one-of-a-kind voice?

The answer:

Cookies. Smart Cookies.

We all know the feeling of that first heart-warming bite into an ooey, gooey, homemade chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. The smell alone is enough.

That feeling is exactly what Farmers & Merchants Bank strives to provide their customers—that not only are their finances in capable hands, but those hands care. And maybe have a little flour on them.

With this in mind, every Friday in October became Smart Cookie Friday at each Farmers & Merchants Bank location. Customers were invited to drop in, grab a cookie and enter their name to be one of twelve to win $50. If they couldn’t make it in, they could like the Smart Cookie Facebook post to enter as well.

It was an act of pure generosity to celebrate the smart cookies that bank with them. Not only did the cookies reinforce the personal touch Farmers & Merchants Bank is known for, they tied a sense of coziness to, of all things, a bank. In essence, they brought out the Everyman without overshadowing the Sage or Ruler.

Smart Cookie Friday was a smash hit. There was a spike in engagement through social media, droves of customers stopped in every Friday, and Farmers & Merchants Bank liked it so much, they did a holiday-themed repeat in December.

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