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Farmers & Merchants Bank “Star Savers Club” Ongoing Campaign

Farmers & Merchants Bank is a small-town bank where kids are stars! Educating future adults about the benefits of saving is a key component to the Star Savers Club program. Doing it in a fun and sometimes candy-coated way is just the icing on the cake.

So, how does KidGlov do it? Surprise! By regularly sending kid-engaging gifts in the mail as a reminder to save.The Star Savers campaign’s success is both measured in the grow of saving accounts (in the last 12 months alone, the promotion increased total savings deposits over a half million dollars!) and in the response Farmers & Merchants Bank employees receive regularly through calls of appreciation and notes of thanks.

“We want to create an atmosphere where the kids love their bank and build a bond with them that is unique, and this promotion blows our goals out of the water,” said Justina Roth, Farmers & Merchant’s Bank Marketing Director. “The kids loved receiving their Star Savers packages and we loved their reactions.”

Another success: enrollment in the program has increased by 15 percent, which is more than twice the goal that was established (7 percent) at program launch.

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