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Great Plains Health : Ahead of the Curve. Around the Corner.

As the foremost healthcare provider in Western Nebraska and Northern Kansas, Great Plains Health strives to offer the very best care possible to the people and communities they serve, including comprehensive spine and back care.

In the past, many patients within Great Plains Health’s service area traveled to Kearney or Denver for quality spinal care. Great Plains Health needed to communicate the availability of comprehensive, skilled spinal services in North Platte from the region’s most trusted name in healthcare.

Just What the Spine Doctors Ordered

KidGlov was chosen to help promote the spine center and the quality care available from their local team of expert surgeons, spinal care specialists, and therapists. We developed a multifaceted marketing campaign consisting of a 30-second television commercial and digital pre-roll, two different digital ads, social media graphics, and a print ad for local publications.

We spent two days on location in North Platte shooting video and capturing still images at Great Plains Health’s campus. Themes, messaging, and images were leveraged from the TV spot through to digital, print, and social ads for a tightly integrated, consistent campaign.

The team was excited to involve the members of the North Platte community in the campaign by using local talent to tell the Spine Center story. Dr. Mike Mayer, hospital staff, and an actual patient of Great Plains Health Spine Center all did an amazing job communicating the message of quality care that’s ahead of the curve and right around the corner.

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