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Dept. of Health & Human Services : Abstinence Campaign

How do you talk to teenagers about abstinence and actually have them listen? Create work that’s worth being heard, empowering youth to believe that they’re worth the wait.

Hurry Up & Wait

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) came to us with a seemingly impossible task: make high school students slow down and listen to a message about abstinence.

We knew the work had to speak to young adults in their own words, on their terms and level — no preaching, soapboxing or finger wagging. And it had to be easy to grab and share, for students and educators alike.


Our Hurry Up & Wait campaign employed striking illustrations and vivid colors for our printable online posters and uploaded videos. What we did was easy to spot, hard to pass up and made students slow down, if just for a moment, and feel empowered to believe that they truly are worth the wait.

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