Immanuel : 2017 Annual Report

Annual reports hold a special place in the hearts of nonprofits. The power these yearly summaries have to define an organization and build the momentum is immense. So, when you do one, you have to do it right.

Immanuel is a group of mission-based not-for-profit senior living communities centered on faith and service. In their 130+ years of providing care, they have remained steadfast in their purpose—to serve their neighbors.

In the fall of 2017, Immanuel turned to KidGlov to produce their first-ever annual report. We gladly stepped up as it hits on all our strengths, from branding to content production to standout design.

Cartwheel Worthy

Immanuel is one of those brands that truly lives their mission, so they needed a piece that did the same. It had to communicate their past accomplishments as well as their aspirations for the future. With a unique physical design, a fresh take on their brand colors, and energetic magazine style content, we crafted exactly that.

A custom die cut highlighting Immanuel’s logo opens the piece and sets the stage for the singular vision within. The brilliant hues of blue and green throughout the report communicate Immanuel’s bright future built upon their storied history. On every page, the colors mingle with content, callouts, graphics and photos to provide a high-quality magazine feel that leaves a lasting impression.

None of this matters, though, if your target audience can’t appreciate it. Because many of the people reading this report are seniors, Immanuel had a 12-pt. minimum type requirement throughout the report. As any designer will tell you, that’s a tricky, but fun, little nut to crack.

This is a substantial piece that will be repeatedly referenced and presented to everyone from c-level executives to potential residents throughout the year. It establishes a vision for future annual reports to have everything Immanuel needs to present their mission in one comprehensive elegantly designed package.

Overall, the report was a smashing success. In fact, we hit the mark so well, that once an Immanuel team member saw the report, she got so excited, she did cartwheels down the hallway. Literally.

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