Impact of Mentorship 30 Years Later

By Lyn Wineman, President : Chief Strategist for KidGlov

Every year, AAF Lincoln recognizes an individual who has made a lasting impact on the local advertising community through its prestigious Silver Medal Award. This year, I was named the 58th recipient of this honor during the 2018 ADDY Awards.

This gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my career and think about those who taught, mentored and inspired me. My acceptance speech was, in essence, a thank you note to the industry and these individuals. I’m sharing my acceptance remarks below with the hope that I might inspire future advertising professionals and potential Silver Medal Award recipients.

“I came to my first AAF Lincoln ADDY Awards event 30 years ago. It was 1988, and I won a student ADDY Award for a radio commercial I wrote in one of Chuck Piper’s copywriting classes at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. I believe Linda Robinson-Rutz was the Silver Medal winner that year.  

Over the years, there have been many Silver Medal winners that have inspired me: Chip Hackley, Gus Swanson, Rich Bailey, Pam Hunzeker, Rich Claussen, Amy Struthers, Julie Gade and Chris Linville. I am humbled and honored to now be on a list that bears their names and the names of many other local greats.

I feel so lucky to work in this business of advertising. I love the blending of art and business, whether it’s the strategic maneuvering or the ability to help organizations reach a vision. But best of all, I love working with creative people.

I want to thank those who have helped me on the path toward my dream. Some of my early mentors: Dave Hansen, Brian Boesche and Steve Russell. I also need to thank the great people at KidGlov who have chosen to take this journey with me and make my dreams a reality.  It is truly my pleasure to work with each and every one of you. And, last but not least, I thank my family who has supported my dreams. 

Thank you, AAF Lincoln, for this recognition. Congratulations to all on the great work shown tonight. Let’s all go out and make this year even better.”