Lincoln Children’s Museum Sponsor Packet

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows on warm visuals, colorful messaging, and honest-to-goodness calls to action.

To grab the attention of potential sponsors for the Lincoln Children’s Museum, an illustrative packet was created. With its strategic design and imaginative organization, it lays the path for an inspiring investment.

Making a Power Play

The sponsor packet plays on the childhood nostalgia of using a telephone made out of two cups and “happy” string to relay its message about the importance of giving back to playtime.

Instead of overwhelming interested parties with chunky text and corporate speak, the focus is on the “fun” in fundraising and the ones who matter most: the kids.

Each page is filled with doodles, kiddos and unique giving opportunities. The whimsical illustrations show how a sponsor’s funds will support kids in creating, discovering and learning at the museum.

On top of it all, the words “happy strings attached” play into the closing by highlighting all the benefits of giving organized by sponsorship level and of course, crayon size.

The final piece of the packet is a simple call-to-action sheet that invites individuals and businesses to become a sponsor and to put their power play into motion.

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