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Lincoln Community Foundation : Annual Giving Campaign

For more than 60 years, the Lincoln Community Foundation has been seamlessly connecting donors with the causes they love through charitable funds.

Their annual giving campaign needed to reflect the spirit of this dynamic city and the passion residents feel about helping it continue to grow and thrive forever.

Being a Lincoln resident, KidGlov naturally captured the essence of Lincoln Community Foundation in a media rich campaign that resonated with all Lincolnites, and especially large donors.

What Mark Will You Leave?

It all started with a heartfelt question for the audience, “What mark will you leave on Lincoln…Forever?” Guiding people to the answer proved effective through the creation of a clean and stunning design that used watercolors and an illustrated pen that worked beautifully with the headlines.

Executions needed to be simple as not to take away from a more complicated two-fold message: When you make a large donation of $10,000 or more, you can support Lincoln forever, and if you do it within a certain period of time, the Lincoln Community Foundation will provide a 10% match to all qualifying gifts. That’s huge for nonprofits.

Through a TV and radio spot, landing page, print and digital ads and direct mail, we were able to divide and conquer the messaging, creating the most impact with our various executions.

We brought the illustration to life on various screens, leaving a memorable visual mark on the viewer, which is exactly what this city does on the people who call it home.

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