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MembersOwn : Auto Loans Integrated Campaign

MembersOwn Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial institution, had offered traditional auto loans for years, but in 2019 they added a new kind of auto loan to their product line that gave people the benefits of a lease in a loan called “Your Choice® Auto Loan.” With a very modest budget compared to other for-profit banking brands, MembersOwn needed to cut through the clutter of the other product launches and campaigns … giving people something to love!

Since MembersOwn’s “Your Choice Auto Loan” was out of the norm, the creative strategy needed to match. KidGlov created a concept that put what was in it for the customer right up front: “Get the Benefits of a Lease in a Loan.”

This message cut to the chase, and when combined with simple, bold graphics (including a heart icon on the license plate) it was irresistible—a simple message and clean look for a somewhat complicated product that could easily be created in multiple media forms.

Materials included: Radio, Digital Ads, Landing Page, Social Media, Flyers, Banners, Web Graphics

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