MembersOwn Credit Union : Zero-Worry Credit Card

The holiday season, with all its good cheer, is loud. Getting the word out about anything can be a challenge, so when MembersOwn Credit Union asked KidGov to help them promote their credit card, we kept it simple.

Zero to Worry About for the Holidays

With zero fees and 0% interest for six months on balance transfers, we realized that peace of mind is this credit card’s biggest benefit. One might say, it’s a zero-worry credit card.

With a quick, catchy line of copy that communicates all you need to know and a strong holiday-themed visual, the audience needs just 2 seconds to get it. And once they do, the idea of a worry-free holiday season thanks to a zero-worry credit card is hard to shake.


We executed this campaign across multiple channels to achieve the Rule of 7 with posters, fliers, signage, outdoor banners, digital/mobile ads, landing page, radio, internal talking points and social media.


When everyone is shouting, a soothing, simple approach will make you stand out. And that’s just what MembersOwn is doing with its zero-worry credit card. In fact, they liked the campaign so much, they’re expanding the copy direction to all credit card materials, not just their holiday campaign.

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