MembersOwn Credit Union : Last Year’s Santa

As a credit union, MembersOwn has a real gift for helping people with their finances. What better time to do it than during the holiday season to relieve some of the financial pressure that merry time of year can bring. MembersOwn turned to KidGlov to help their credit card stand out from the others’ empty promises. 

Santa Comes Bearing a Real Gift

While other credit cards fill mailboxes and inboxes asking inane questions like, “What’s in your wallet?” we focused on a real pain point for those fretting their next statement, “Is last year’s Santa still visiting your wallet?” Most Americans are carrying debt from the previous holiday season.

Knowing we were up against major banks and credit unions with much larger budgets, we walked the walk and used our budget wisely, creating a targeted multimedia campaign that reached our intended target.

First, we reached out to our own members through email, eNewsletter, social media posts, website banners and in-house posters and flyers. Then we spoke to future members with local radio spots, mobile and banner ads and a landing page. Our messaging provided a real solution to anyone who wanted to get a handle on the shopping season.

In the end, Santa gave MembersOwn members just what they wanted.