National Association of Case Management : Brand Refresh

KidGlov’s Brand Advancement process, combined with a new graphical identity, helped the National Association of Case Management gain new ways to articulate why they are matchlessly different.

The association’s first step was moving away from the acronym “NACM.” This helps to keep them from being confused with other organizations, such as the National Association of Chiropractic Medicine.

Its new bright yet professional logo further bolsters their differentiation, making the bold brand stand out while still remaining approachable and familiar.

Bettering the Profession and Those Who Champion It

Bringing it all together is the brand’s new tagline: “Bettering the profession and those who champion it.” This meets an additional aim of framing case management as a profession and not just an entry-level job, while connecting to the brand’s purpose of professional development for members.

This brand refresh helps the National Association of Case Management gain awareness for what they are all about – connecting people to services and providing a nationwide network that supports case managers through training, advocacy and resource sharing.

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