PromiseShip : Rebrand

A rebrand is a seismic shift in how a brand thinks about itself. It’s a big undertaking and in the case of Nebraska Families Collaborative, it can change lives.

Nebraska Families Collaborative was formed in 2009 when five nonprofits came together with the goal of family preservation. Usually shortened to NFC, the organization quickly grew and as they did, some issues quickly became apparent: their name locked them geographically, was easily confused with other organizations, and was not easily recognizable. In short, it just didn’t stick.

They were making a real difference in the community, but not many people were aware. They needed a cohesive vision that was catchy, easy to communicate and could grow with them beyond state boundaries. It’s the kind of problem KidGlov is tailor-made to solve.

Writing the Ship

Using our brand advancement process, we took into account what the leadership, employees and the families they serve all thought about NFC. We took their insights and developed a new brand that could unify the groups towards a single mission.

The result:


“Promise” reflects dedication, potential, and future success while “Ship” both changes the noun to a state of being and brings to mind many words central to their cause: partnership, leadership, friendship and kinship. As a whole, the PromiseShip name represents a state of hope and possibilities.

On this foundation, we produced a number of pieces to help them roll out the PromiseShip brand including a detailed launch plan that successfully took them through every step of the process, a completely overhauled website with all new design and copy, a beautiful annual report establishing their cohesive vision, talking points and presentation materials, and much more.

Throughout the yearlong project, everything went off without a hitch. PromiseShip is now has a strong message to present to the families they serve, the communities they enrich, the employees they recruit and the donors they seek.

At the staff launch, one PromiseShip employee said, “The name PromiseShip really connects the hope we foster with the families we serve.” Another said, “I cannot say enough about what KidGlov has helped us accomplish—a perfect combination of creativity as well as a clear understanding of what our Mission and Vision are.”


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