Prosper Lincoln : Campaign & Event

Opportunity is about being at the right place at the right time, but it isn’t luck, it is intention. Opportunity is about people, and their collective community, who put it there.

Lift Lincoln Higher

The City of Lincoln does many things exceptionally well. Yet, a growing proportion of the population faces real need, especially children. Realizing this made many local leaders say, “We can do better.”

Thus, Prosper Lincoln began holding community conversations to answer, “What should our community do to ensure youth are successful, our economy grows and our community is strong and vibrant?”

More than 2,100 ideas were gathered to craft a shared agenda, focused on early childhood, employment skills and innovation, that invites us to be part of creating equitable opportunities for all in Lincoln.

KidGlov was handpicked to help message, promote and brand this new Community Agenda, to build excitement, bring people together and ultimately “Lift Lincoln Higher”.


From the start, it was clear the primary way to communicate about Prosper Lincoln was going to be through their website – the key words being “to communicate”.

This website needed to be more than a vessel to hold information, it needed to continue the conversation and inspire people to get involved and make commitments toward creating positive change.

In addition to developing the website, KidGlov also played a hand in shaping a barn-raising event that launched the agenda, high-level commitments, website and social media, right then and there.


The catchphrase “Lift Lincoln Higher” promoted the overarching goal of Prosper Lincoln, and “Lift Lincoln Kids”, “Lift Lincoln Skills” and “Lift Lincoln Innovation” emphasized the focus areas.

Prosper Lincoln colors (yellow, orange and red) were also used to reinforce the brand and signify the priority items of the Community Agenda.

Within the videos, a red balloon with a hand-written number was used as a symbol of community ideas coming together to “Lift Lincoln Higher”.

KidGlov hand delivered these tools and services: Website, Videos, Event Coordination, Print Pieces and Social Media


Over 1,100 Lincolnites attended the Summit breakfast. #ProsperLincoln was the top hashtag in Lincoln the day of the event and reached over 150,000 during the week, along with newspaper and TV coverage.

The website launched with a surge of activity by people joining the community, signing up for email, using tweetables, taking polls and sharing commitments.

Because of these efforts, many high-level community leaders have made commitments to Lift Lincoln Higher. Making this quote ring true, “Today’s #ProsperLincoln event is the beginning of something big.”

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