When Seniors Speak, People Listen

The Nebraska Health Care Association and Leading Age Nebraska wanted to create a campaign to shed light on the needs of the rapidly growing senior population in our state, so they called on KidGlov to do what we do best – turn a message into a movement.

The campaign, Seniors Speak, uncovers what seniors are currently facing. It uses quotes from those who have been personally impacted, shares startling statistics and paints a picture of the challenges we will all face if Medicaid funding does not remain a priority in our state budget.

To get the word out, we created a landing page to demonstrate the reality of aging in Nebraska, utilized Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help tell the story and contacted local media through press releases and a letter to the editor.

Results are Telling

During March 2018, Seniors Speak shared eight posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, resulting in 331,867 total impressions (organic and paid). Posts garnered over 5,000 engagements (reactions, comments, shares) in the first month, and organic reach has continued to stay strong throughout the campaign.

The Seniors Speak landing page gained 330 page views in less than a month, with 304 being unique views.  The average time spent on the page is over five minutes, meaning visitors are taking time to really dive into the data.

Overall, the campaign results have been great. Giving seniors a voice has proven to be effective in reaching our target audience, and impressions and engagement have remained consistently high.

Learn more about the campaign that gives Nebraska seniors a chance to be heard by visiting seniorsspeakne.org and read how it made a big impression in the Omaha World Herald.

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