SouthPointe Pavilions : Holiday Video

To stand out in the most competitive time of the year for retailers, we helped SouthPointe produce a video and social media contest celebrating the best parts of the holiday season.

With a three-pronged approach, we used the strengths of influencer marketing, almost unbearable cuteness and consumer contribution to create one of their most popular videos yet.

The Most Wonderful Time

In the video, Matt McKay, local influencer and KFRX morning radio host, takes his daughter on a trip to SouthPointe Pavilions where they have a blast checking everything off their holiday shopping list.

Building on the SouthPointe Pavilions tagline, “Eventful. Colorful. Joyful.”, and paying homage to the classic holiday song, every scene features a “Most Wonderful” something. At each store, McKay and his daughter get more than just great gifts for their loved ones, they get precious memories they’ll carry with them forever.

While they watched the cuteness, viewers were invited to share their favorite stories from holidays past for a chance to win a $50 SouthPointe gift card just in time for Black Friday.

The video quickly garnered 217 likes and reactions, 32,031 views (which equates to roughly one view for every 10 Lincolnites), and 288 comments sharing beautiful holiday memories. It all worked together to tie the SouthPointe Pavilions brand to the best thing about the holiday season: family.