Remarkably Human IT in a Powerful Online Experience 

A refreshed brand strategy, combined with new messaging and visual identity, helped Uncommon Solutions articulate through their new website that they are much more than a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.  

Uncommon Solutions offers more than dependable IT consultants with high-level skill-sets, certifications, and experience. The company focuses on hiring rock-solid IT experts who are genuinely great with people. In a world of continual change and technology challenges, they are both capable and relatable—a compassionate and calming force in times of chaos. They care deeply about clients, partners and each other—a commitment honored every day with their remarkably human approach to solving technology challenges. These qualities are exceedingly rare and highly valuable in the IT space and the company’s website is the front door to this Remarkably Human IT experience. 

A Distinctive Brand Demands an Equally Distinctive Website 

KidGlov helped Uncommon Solutions align their online presence with their revised branding, messaging and positioning. The new website effectively conveys not only their technical expertise and breadth of services, but also their focus on exceptional working relationships as a key differentiator and competitive advantage.  

IT companies very often compete around nominal differences in products and services, hoping to gain some kind of advantage in a sea of spectacular sameness. These incremental advantages are fleeting and generally unsustainable. Uncommon Solutions’ Remarkably Human approach to IT simultaneously breaks the mold and raises the bar in a highly commoditized space.  

With its thoughtful design and a focus on strategy, solving issues and achieving business objectives, the new website is a powerful tool to generate leads and differentiate Uncommon Solutions in the market.