Working in a Winter Wonderland

By Lisa Bowen, Account Director

There are many benefits to working in downtown Papillion, but I learned of a new one when I walked out the front door of our office last weekend and stepped right into the makings of a Hallmark Christmas movie. And I LOVE Hallmark Christmas movies!

Papillion’s annual downtown Winter Wonderland event features fire pits, horse-drawn carriage rides, cups of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. When the lights first flipped on up and down the city streets, it was breathtaking. These kind of events portray how the sense of community in Papillion is like no other.

KidGlov and Papillion – A Perfect Pair

KidGlov pairing up with Papillion was no accident. Looking for office space meant looking for a hub that embraces local businesses, has a strong sense of community and a loving, creative personality a lot like our own. Papillion fit like a glove, and it was the exact match KidGlov needed.

We’re so proud to call this ever-enchanting city one of our homes. The view until the new year is just another magical bonus.

It’s a beautiful sight, KidGlov is happy tonight, working in a Winter Wonderland.