What? They Play Football Between Super Bowl Commercials?

KidGlov’s very own Lyn Wineman was interviewed by KFOR about her expert advertising opinions regarding Super Bowl commercials.

Listen to Lyn’s Pre-Game Interview

Listen to Lyn’s Post-Game Interview

Here is a recap of what she covered during her live talk:

Super Bowl Ad Facts

    • Average cost: $5 million for a 30 second commercial
    • Budget an additional $1 million to promote your spot
    • Most are spending at least $1 million to produce
    • Expected that 114 Million people will be watching

Formula for Success  

Positive Disruption + Call to Action + Extend the Reach (SM, PR)
2017 Ads to See

      • Snickers LIVE commercial – teasers are already out there and there will be lots of social media. Schmitz was the last to run a live spot in 1981 with a taste test.
      • Nascar – even if the live ad goes poorly – it could be a big win.  It’s the car crash that gets the publicity at Nascar.
      • Audi and Budweiser – two advertisers that are getting remotely political: Audi – equal pay for women and Budweiser – Immigration (beautiful spot shot in New Orleans)
      • Football Stars
        • Intel – Tom Brady
        • Buffalo Wild Wings – Bret Favre
        • Rob Gronkowski/Justin Bieber – History of the High 5 for T Mobile
        • Cam Newton – Buick
      • Humor
        • Skittles
        • Febreze – Bathroom Break
        • Sexy Mr. Clean
        • Buick – Cam Newton plays pee wee football
        • King’s Hawaiian
        • KFC – Gold Colonel
      • Stars
        • Kia – Melissa McCarthy
        • Avocados from Mexico – Jon Lovitz
        • Tiffany – Lady Gaga
        • Justin Bieber – T Mobile
      • Beautiful Cinematic Quality
        • Mercedes – Coen Brothers
        • Budweiser – Shot in New Orleans
      • Charming
        • Lifewater

TOP 5 Super Bowl Ads of All Time

      • Mean Joe Greene – Coke
      • McDonald’s – Larry Bird/Michael Jordan
      • Apple – 1984
      • Bud Bowl
      • Volvo Darth Vadar Kid

Cheesy Ads You Won’t See

Doritos and Cheetos are not advertising this year, it’s just too much money. If a bag of Doritos costs $2.50 to $3.50 you have to sell a lot of Doritos to cover the cost of the ad.

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