Athena Butler

Production Artist

To cure her creative restlessness at Southeast Community College, Athena signed up for the Graphic Design | Media Arts program just to take a drawing class. Little did she know a career would be born. Starting at KidGlov as an impressive intern, Athena blossomed into a full-time Production Artist with ease. That’s what natural artistic talent does.

Athena is exactly the type of young creative you want on your team —energetic, hardworking, motivated and talented. She doesn’t cringe when she has to scrap an idea she’s been working on and start over, just so she can reach a better solution.


With a willingness to learn everything about the industry, Athena isn’t afraid to ask questions and accept feedback. She has been doing a great job on many accounts including The Dreamweaver Foundation, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Immanuel Communities, KidGlov, Mapes Industries and MembersOwn Credit Union. Her ability to see what others might miss has served her, and us, well.

When not designing, you can often find her drawing, painting, spending time with her family and friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. Her perfect day is a rainy one at home, snuggling with her two cats (“Meowskies”), Jinx and Eevee, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.