Haley Wineman

Marketing Coordinator

Supporting account directors and the creative team alike, Haley’s role at KidGlov always keeps her learning more.

Her love of learning and gaining experiences was sparked at a young age, making trips to visit her mother’s advertising agency. The buzzing atmosphere and teamwork she saw inspired her journey onwards.

In addition to working at KidGlov, Haley is a senior studying Advertising and Public Relations as well as Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She leads a team of up and coming Advertising and Public Relations students as the Director of Accounts at the student-run advertising agency, Jacht. She has also held the role of President of the Student Marketing Association and was a member of the women’s golf team at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Much of Haley’s “free time” is spent studying or working with clients for Jacht. When she does manage to find time for herself, she enjoys visiting new cities and listening to music. Haley’s heart for others and drive to excel are the perfect matches for us.