Jenny Max

Marketing Strategist 

Jenny is a passionate, integrated marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries and organizations, including General Mills, Walmart, Hershey’s, UnitedHealth Group, the American Cancer Society and various ad agencies.  

Her experience in food, healthcare and nonprofit, as well as a background in helping to direct purpose-led strategy and initiatives for national and global companies syncs up with the KidGlov mission. We’re here to make a difference, which is why we’ve brought Jenny onto our team in the Denver office!  

Jenny’s knowledge is diverse, and she’s lived in various cities throughout the U.S., both of which allow her to see the big picture when it comes to businesses and brands, and add to her understanding of various consumers and target audiences. 

A strong account director and strategist, Jenny is known for her curiosity. She’ll get under the hood of a brand, dig around to understand clients and their audiences, then find the insights that create meaningful campaigns. She’s also known for connecting and being a connector––of people and ideas. Maybe that’s because she’s so outgoing.  

Spirited Extrovert 

Get in a conversation with Jenny, and you may have a lot to chat about. Interested and interesting, she’s a true extrovert who is fascinated by people and the way they think––whether they’re clients, co-workers, consumers or passersby. In fact, in college, her own focus was psychology and sociology. 

With all that high energy, Jenny needs to shut off from time to time with a good book, theater, music or simply being quiet in nature. But not for long, because her two children, husband and dog Beau keep her energized––even on her days off.