Kelly Lytle


Kelly’s passion has always been words: speaking them, writing them and, on occasion, even eating them. Throw them together with strategic insight, marketing experience, occasional dashes of humor and strong coffee, and you have what she calls ‘the alchemy of copywriting.’

For more than 20 years, Kelly has honed her word wielding skills as a copywriter for brands such as Chick-fil-A, Perrigo Pharma, Alegent Health (now CHI Health), CLAAS, Valmont, AIM Institute, Mosaic, First National Bank and Leo A. Daly. She’s also held positions in marketing strategy and management in nonprofit and for-profit settings, domestically and internationally. Kelly is devoted to diversity and has brought brand voices to life across many industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, agriculture to high tech, international development to consumer goods and more.

Her proudest professional moments? When her natural knack for storytelling drives changes for good. Whether connecting to donors and driving donations or building brand loyalty that helps drive sales, that’s the magic! Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, where she also completed her graduate studies.  

Organic Optimist

Kelly is a natural optimist. It’s in her DNA. Bring her your toughest audience, your most challenging concept to communicate and she’ll dive in, excited, and come back with the goods.

Outside of work, Kelly is still a word devotee. She loves to cook and serve up a great meal (alongside ample conversation) to friends, her three grown sons and her better half, Blake. She’s also known to write song lyrics for her Schnoodle, Abe. She’s an avid reader and advocate for adoption and child welfare organizations.