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Margaret Davenport


Margaret has wanted to be a writer ever since she first learned the alphabet. Now, as our Copywriter at KidGlov, she’s taken that passion for writing and turned it into a job she loves, creating compelling, strategic copy.

While in the agency world, Margaret has played the role of both Copywriter and Senior Copywriter on local and national B2C and B2B brand campaigns. She thrives on developing brand and campaign messaging that creates action. Her strong content writing, production experience, and brand voice messaging skills allow her to brainstorm concepts that can work effortlessly across different media. She loves collaborating with team members to craft unique solutions for our clients and her favorite thing in the world is seeing those solutions out in the wild.

Constantly Curious 

Margaret graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a double major in Journalism and Geography. While in college, she interned at NET Nebraska and Goldenrod Pastries on their in-house social media and marketing teams. Her love of Nebraska life has kept her in the Cornhusker State with the goal of creating impactful change in the place she grew up.

To stay inspired creatively, Margaret can be found trying out a new multiple step baking recipe or out on a long run. She calls herself “constantly curious” and believes traveling is the best way to keep the creative juices flowing.