Neveen Hegab


Neveen’s fascination with advertising began when she was a lowly rotating assistant at a large New York agency that occupied your typical skyscraper. When she ended up filling in for someone in the creative department, she knew she had found her calling. She wanted to become a copywriter and would often troll the halls of the creative department, listening for groans and taking on projects that nobody wanted to work on.

Realizing that she was competing with advertising school grads who had killer portfolios, she jammed her belongings in her hand-me-down Corolla, and headed to what was then the main portfolio school in Atlanta.

With more than 15 years of experience, Neveen has worked on many different kinds of businesses, speaking to and connecting with a range of audiences — from landscape professionals to young new moms who run households, to feedlot managers who take care of cattle to seniors thinking about the next stage in their lives.

Armed with a solid strategy, Neveen can come up with a great concept and know exactly what to say. When Neveen isn’t working, she’s playing pretend with her young kids or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Oftentimes, she can be found doing both.

Neveen arrived in Nebraska, not knowing exactly where she was and thinking she would be here for only a year before heading to the Pacific Northwest. More than 11 years later, she and her husband, Chris, are happily living in the middle of the country, raising two imaginative young kids and spreading the word about the perks of living in this exact spot.