Why Go to CO?

Let’s face it: Colorado has a lot going for it these days. It’s no mystery why KidGlov wanted to join in and establish its third office out here last year. But I’ll go through a few reasons just to lay it out for you.

From the robust economy, vibrant start-up community and quality of life to more recreational pursuits like hiking, biking and skiing (admit it, you were thinking weed), the Centennial State is feeling pretty good about itself these days. And with good reason. Open up just about any “best of” article and you are apt to find not just one, but several Colorado cities listed, and often toward the top, to boot. Not bad for region known for “cowtowns” and “oil barons” just a few decades ago.

We’re Good Enough

Northern Colorado is embracing the future and living its potential in a big way. The communities spanning Colorado Springs and Denver up through Boulder, Loveland/Fort Collins and Greeley are red hot in terms of population growth, job creation, creativity, entrepreneurialism, venture capital and a host of other positive metrics.

Sure, the recognition and accolades are nice. But there’s more to this place than just the numbers. Our state is brimming with big brains, big hearts and huge dreams. Opportunity abounds, and we know it. But just as importantly, it seems many Coloradans I meet don’t take it for granted. We appreciate that we live, love, work and play in one of the best places to exist on the planet. We’re generous with our time and our treasures, and we are generally willing to help others be successful here, too.

We’re Smart Enough

The annual Bloomberg Brain Concentration Index recently tagged three Colorado communities—Northern Colorado communities, specifically—among their top 10 destinations for the best and brightest brains in the nation.

Leading the way, and the list, is Boulder, which is ranked No. 1 nationally in the area of business formation as well as employment and education in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Fort Collins ranked 4th and Denver came in 10th on the list.

Another recent report by 24/7 Wall St ranked Boulder and Fort Collins-Loveland 4th and 18th respectively on its list of the 25 most innovative cities in America.

Dare I keep going?

Doggone It, People Like Us

And I mean LOTS of people. The Front Range has exploded with population growth over the past decade as folks of every stripe pour into Colorado in pursuit of, well… you name it. Business opportunities, quality of life, robust startup environment, outdoor recreation, beer, weed, the lack of humidity. The list goes on and on.

KidGlov is excited to be a part of this dynamic and thriving community, with our Colorado office smack dab in the heart of Loveland’s revitalized downtown district. Every day we are reminded of the incredible possibilities that exist here to use our creative superpowers for good, not just in Colorado, but in the service of our brands and partners all around the country.

And you know what? We’re just getting warmed up.