Maddy Hager


Maddy began shaping her identity as a woman of letters at an early age, starting with writing and distributing short stories to family members. That same unbridled enthusiasm has evolved into a lifelong love of writing that’s shaped nearly everything she’s accomplished, and she readily brings this heartfelt passion into crafting copy at KidGlov.

Maddy attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she majored in English and Film Studies and served as editor-in-chief of Laurus, the university’s undergrad literary journal. Before joining the KidGlov team, she spent time cutting her teeth on social media, serving as a member of the in-house marketing team at one of Nebraska’s largest banks, and even wrote fundraising emails for a Presidential campaign.

An AMA Prism award recipient, Maddy’s nearly decade-long career in marketing and advertising combines a background in content strategy with a genuine affinity for language and crafting impactful messaging. She firmly believes in the power of the written word to change the world and intends to do so.

Insightful Wordsmith

When she’s not creating standout messaging at KidGlov, Maddy channels her inner Jo March through creative writing. She was recently published in Wildfire Magazine and was invited to read at an accompanying live event and later on Wildfire’s podcast, The Burn. Her essay is included in the upcoming book “Igniting the Fire Within: Stories of Healing, Hope & Humor,” featuring work by individuals diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20s.

Naturally, Maddy loves to read. If you need a recommendation, one of her favorite books is The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs (but grab a tissue). You can find her rummaging through racks at the thrift store, going to concerts with her husband, Joe, or out riding her bike along Lincoln’s bike trails. She is the proud mother of two senior-aged cats and a 100-pound Great Pyrenees-mix named Basil.

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