June 12, 2024

Agency for Change Podcast: Revisiting Wisdom from Our First 200 Episodes

Lyn Wineman

As a purpose-driven business, KidGlov is all about celebrating the changemakers doing good things in our world. It’s our passion to help them shape their messages, tell their stories, and magnify their impact. So, in 2020 we launched the Agency for Change podcast as a space to talk with the people we admire and spread the word about all the great things they’re doing.

We started with a wish list of guests and a few good ideas. We asked each guest to share a quote—wise words from someone who inspired them, or pearls of their own wisdom they’d learned along the way. We never imagined that in mid-2024, we’d be closing in on our 200th episode! We’ve devoted over 7,000 minutes to engaging conversations with remarkable guests, encompassing 52 nonprofit organizations, 15 certified B-corps, 14 published authors, and more. We’ve met with guests hailing from 16 states and 4 countries.

To celebrate this big milestone, we’re looking back at all of our guests and the words of wisdom they shared with us. We hope you have fun browsing through them and maybe even come away with a few that inspire you. Listen to our 200th episode – out now!


2020 Guests:

“If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa. Jen Landis, Pincurl Girls

“Figure out your sphere of influence and get uncomfortable.” Sarita Reddy, Adeo

“You’re never too old to dream. Never stop dreaming.” – Cheri Mastny, Hillcrest Foundation

“Work hard, have fun and be kind.” – Craig Moody, Verdis Group

“Most people don’t set goals for their fear of failure, while great leaders set goals for their fear of failure.” – Boyd Ober, Leadership Resources

“Progress is incremental.” – Jess Slavin, Heartland Bike Share (Now with MassBike)

“Age does not equate to competency. If there is something that you want, you are the only person in your way, go get it.” – Paige Piper, BraveBe Child Advocacy Center

“Yes you can!” – Lindsey Rai Kortan, Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha

“Just give it away. When you share your resources with the world, you will get much more in return.” – Barb Bartle, Lincoln Community Foundation (Retired)

“Be the image and not the mirror.” – Linda Carter, MembersOwn

“Control only what’s in your control.” – Michelle Dziuban, Rowdy Mermaid (Now with Honey Mama’s)

“Don’t let what you could do sideline what you should do.” – Cammy Watkins, Inclusive Communities

“Be known by the ways you have helped.” – Angel Kwiatkowski, Cohere Coworking

“Find partners along your journey that have your back and are willing to go to courageous places with you to make a big difference.” – Sarah Sjolie, The Wellbeing Partners (Now with Meristem Consulting)

“We have to be BETTER at building relationships and networks than the traffickers.” – Stephanie Olson, Set Me Free Project

“Show up. Show up on time. Show up ready to work.” – Scott Young, Food Bank of Lincoln (Retired)

“Be adventurous and never take no for an answer.” – Amy Dickerson, Sandhills Global Event Center

“Come up with new ideas and have the courage to move them forward.” – Gerry Dunlap, Farmers & Merchant’s Bank

“In every challenge, always remember to shine and make a difference for someone else.” – Justina Roth, Farmers & Merchant’s Bank

“Find a problem that you will enjoy fixing.” – Noah Teitelbaum, Parent and Family Wellness Center

“Be a builder…a builder of relationships, of things, of people. Build them all up.” – Fiona Libsack, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for others.” – Lisa Smith, The Smith Team, D.A. Davidson & Co.

“Put yourself out there and take calculated, thoughtful risks.” – Kelley Peterson, Pen & Pug

“You can listen to the mean voice inside your head, or you can tell it that it’s wrong and stop listening.” – Jennifer Knecht, Western States Lodging Management and Development

“The world keeps churning. We keep learning.” – Jim Blue, CEDARS

“Find your passion and go make a difference.” – Mario Racicot, Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

“Take the first step ~ You don’t know where it might lead.” – Catherine Harrington, Junior League of Omaha, Food Access Initiative

“Wake up each morning thinking of one thing you can do for others.” – Shannon Lang, Junior League of Omaha, Food Access Initiative

“Love is the combination of relationships, resources and results.” – Dave Newell, Akin, formerly Children’s Home Society of Washington

“Embrace uncertainty and make space to honor vulnerability.” – Rev. Debra McKnight, Urban Abbey

“Your attitude. Your Choice.” – Aaron Davis, Aaron Davis Presentations, Inc.


2021 Guests:

“You don’t have to move mountains to create positive change. We all have skillsets. We all know something. We all can do something that creates positive change.” – Meike Eilert, Market Research & Analytics Consultant

“Walk the talk”- Ava Thomas, Lee Enterprises

“You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” – Teri Effle, Region V Systems

“Don’t get caught up in what you don’t know, because you can learn it.” – Dr. Melody Bell, Financial Beginnings USA (Now with North Starr Consulting)

“Don’t avoid hard conversations. Civil discourse is a muscle. You’ve got to use it.” – Amanda Barker, Civic Nebraska (Now with the City of Lincoln)

“The choice is yours, choose civility.” – Emerson Belitz, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Now with Spotlight)

“Especially early in your career, don’t get stuck thinking that your career is going to go in a certain direction.” – Donna Kush, Omaha Community Foundation

“Develop credible messages rooted in truth, communicated with authenticity, candor, tact and diplomacy.” – Paul Dongilli Jr., PhD., Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

“You always have to question. Then find the answer and new solution to do more.” – Laura Schwartz, Papillion Community Foundation (Retired)

“I suggest that you ask, listen and learn. There is a reason that ‘listening’ is between the asking and the talking.” – Makenzie Rath, Talent Plus

“Diversify your news and amplify different voices.” – Jill Heggen, Women’s Fund of Omaha

“How were you brave today? How are you using your power and privilege to disrupt systems that do not serve us?” – Tiffany Joekel, Women’s Fund of Omaha (Now with Nebraska Medicine)

“Pick where you can have the greatest impact and invest your time there.” – Jessie Rasmussen, Buffett Early Childhood Fund

“Trust, give grace, work hard.” – Marjorie Maas, Share Good

“To grow and to improve, you can’t be comfortable with yourself.” – Mary Despe, MK Despe Consulting

“If you know who you are, everything will fall into place. It is all about your identity and who you believe you are to your core.” – Andrea Befus, Strengthen Your Home

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, about the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things, they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we should see them as genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” – Sara Dreamer, Marianna Industries (Now with Beauty Msfits)

“Don’t have objects that aren’t useful and that you love.” – Suzanne Wise, Nebraska Arts Council (Retired)

“Use your gifts and talents to lift others, and I think that we all have gifts and talents” – Katie McLeese Stephenson, HopeSpoke

“‘Dux Esto’ which is ‘be a leader’” – Father Mike Eckley, Executive Director at Catholic Charities

“Be humble, stay focused and attain your goals.” – Joel Makovicka, Makovicka Physical Therapy

“A director directs traffic on a one-way street.” – Morrie Enders, Lincoln Community Playhouse

“‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’” – Benjamin Franklin” – Patricia Kearns, QLI

“Nourish your mind, body and soul.” Chris Sommerich, Humanities Nebraska

“Try to be the best listener you can be. There is always something to learn.” – Kelsey Stupfell, TS Bank

“You move toward what you think about.” – Bob Gunia, Physicians Mutual

“How have you sacrificed for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion today.” – Helen Abdali Soosan Fagan, PhD Helen Fagan & Associates

“Always show up with your lipstick on.” – Kelly St. John, KSJ Collective

“Give up the idea of perfection and work towards progress.” – Maggie Wood, Inclusive Communities

“It’s only impossible until it’s not.” – Cammy Watkins, Inclusive Communities

“Do what you love and it’s never work.” – Dr. Josette Gordon-Simet, BlueCross BlueShield


2022 Guests:

“It is a good business decision to care about the long-term future of our world.” – Craig Jonas, Ph.D, CoPeace

“Find your people. It’s that simple for me.” – Becky Migas, Women in Sustainability

“You can wake up and think about your dreams or you can get up and chase them.” – Christie Stukenholtz, Senior Care Finder

“Few burdens are heavy when everyone lifts.” – Macala Carter, Center for People

“There is no try, we are going to do it. We’re going to make it happen.” – Scott Lien, GrandPad

“Vote with your wallet.” – Chris Baker, OneSeed Expeditions

“Always be ready to listen.” – Eunice Lee, Econic

“The world needs more of you in it” – Josh Berry, Econic

“If you’re a mom of a spirited child, it’s challenging. And the more you can help them foster themselves and become independent and follow their own path, the better they’re going to be.” – Britta Wheeler, The Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts

“Regardless of your age, really make sure that you’re standing up for what you believe in and that you’re living your life aligned with your values.” – Jacqelle Lane, Omaha Children’s Museum

“Start with yes, because if we can start with yes, anything’s possible.” – Gail and Bruce Montgomery, ExperienceYes

“Everyone has a personal brand, but are you going to let someone else control that or are you going to take charge and start driving your brand in how you want to be known?” – Lida Citroën, LIDA360

“Today’s problems came from yesterday’s solutions.” -Dr. Paul Gausman, Lincoln Public Schools

“Be a light for others.” – Dawn Gonzales, Centris Federal Credit Union

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – DeMoine Adams, TeamMates Mentoring Program

“The more information your provider has about your health history, the better decisions that you can make.” – Jaime Bland, CyncHealth

“The harder a decision you make, the more value you add.” – Dr. John Cooley, Nanoramic Laboratories

“What I believe is that we are here for a limited time on the Earth and if we don’t take care of others, the consequences are huge.” – Andrea Skolkin, OneWorld Community Health Centers

“Great storytelling is accessible for everyone and critical for everyone.” – Dannielle Stewart, Creative & Marketing Specialist

“I was sitting on a grassy knoll in Fort Benning, Georgia and a drill sergeant said, “The troops come first.” – Mick and Judy Guttau, TS Bank

“To tell a great story, you have to lean on what you know and be super confident in who you are and what you bring to the table.” – Daniel Pacchioni, Daniel Pacchioni Creative/Universal Orlando Resort

“Start with the end in mind.” – Sharon Toerek, Legal + Creative

“You have to find your corner of the world, and you have to go at it with passion.” – Meagan Liesveld, United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County

“Look up. Look at the world differently.” – Donna Loughlin, LMGPR

“We are actually infinitely powerful to impact and effect change. And while we may not see a fully liberated society in our lifetimes, each one of us can create pockets of liberation.” – Katherine MacHolmes, Collective Futures Design Lab

“We always have more to learn than we have to tell.” – Susie Keisler-Munro, Assurity Life Insurance Company

“If you’ve got eight to ten hours a month to spare to volunteer and to make a real impact in a child’s life, why wouldn’t you give this a chance?” – Christina Millsap, Nebraska CASA Association

“Women’s health has been not served well for the longest time, we need to have the capabilities, the tools, that we can manage our own health.” – Estelle Giraud,  PhD, Trellis Health

“Be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone because understanding how to navigate through that leads to peace of mind.” – Stephan Grot, KANEKO

“Be impatient in the short-term but patient in the long-term.” – Eddy Badrina, Eden Green Technology

“We inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.’ – Dan Lambe, Arbor Day Foundation

“There’s no failing when you care about humans.”- Cristina Amigoni, Siamo

“Always work with human nature instead of against it.” – Alex Cullimore, Siamo

“Big faith, family first, others-centered, and integrity always win the day.” – Brian Barks, Food Bank for the Heartland

“Make a difference, every day.” – Jason Ball, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

“Lead from beyond the mud and seek truth and clarity in your decisions.” – Uma Gopaldass, Leading Lotus

“Always work hard, never be outworked; but above all, always be you.” – Kenny McMorris, Charles Drew Health Center

“Always be in the process of building meaningful and authentic relationships because they matter.” – Kim Goins, Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

“Let’s celebrate our Midwestern roots and let’s come together to succeed.” – Brenda Mainwaring, Iowa West Foundation

“You can’t control people; you need to understand them.” – Rich Lloyd, PhD and Bob Ravenscroft, Bryan Health

“Community support is a responsibility, not a privilege. Generosity is a responsibility, not a privilege.” – Alec Gorynski, Lincoln Community Foundation

“Be the brand. You want to be known for representing yourself in a certain way, you have an expectation you have set for your organization for what you do, you have to embody that brand.” – Shari Veil, MBA, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Lincoln

“Live fox heart—every day.” – Corina Ludwig, Function-Fox (Now with Next Acre)

“No one knew exactly what they were doing, or where they were going when they first started.” – Lillian Forsyth, Lead With Equity

“Do good, thrive.” – Graham Pansing Brooks and Kyle Cartwright, SEAchange (Now with Arbor Day Foundation and Civic Nebraska)

“Identify, what are those personal core values that mean something to you, and then, whether you’re starting your own business or whether you are going to work for someone – does their core values align with yours?” – Bill Black, Scooter’s Coffee

“Get yourself 10 good friends. You cannot survive as a leader without people who you can trust and who can tell your story when you are not in the room.” – Dannette Smith, NDHHS (Now with Colorado Behavioral Health Administration, The DRS Group)

“Everything you do helps you prepare for your next role.” – Beth Ostdiek Smith, Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue

“Life is hard, so don’t be your own worst critic. Root for yourself.” – Ryan Donohue, NRC Health

“Fill your life with moments that you’ll treasure forever.” – Bill Stephan, Lied Center for Performing Arts

“Make disability your business.” – Mike Adams, Purple

“You gotta go to work every day, find something that you can contribute and be passionate about.” – Anne Hindery, Nonprofit Association of the Midlands

“Winning happens when we get good at the hardest things.” – Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace

“The citizens of our state are, are really important. Your lives are important. Your lives matter. Economic inclusion matters.” – Anthony Goins, Fiserv

“Let go or be dragged.” – Lana Temple-Plotz, Nebraska Children’s Home Society

“Find ways to bring your whole self to work.” – Abbi Swatsworth, OutNebraska

“You can always do a task or a skill, we just have to help you figure out the right way to do it.” – Paulette Monthei, Outlook Enrichment

“We often think about working hard at our job, and I think sometimes we lose sight that our relationships are our job.” – Phil Malcom & Margie Utesch, Jewish Federation of Omaha

“Be your authentic self.” – Ramon Calzada, Centro Latino of Iowa (Now with FetchKids)

“Impact can start as small as a cup of coffee.” – Patty Connor, Our Gorongosa

“We’re all in on doing good. It’s not a department we have that goes around trying to do good. It is core to this business that we want to make a positive impact in the world, in everything we do.” – Brandon & Tammy Day, Daycos

“Create your own path of success.” – Jeana Goosmann, Goosmann Law

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” – Becky Perrett, Runza National

“Do something today to make you believe in yourself more tomorrow.” – Justin Nabity, Physicians Thrive

“It’s never too late to become who you want to be.” – Jay Wilkinson, Do More Good® Movement Founder and Firespring Founder

“Ask for what you want or take what you get.” Tawnya Starr, The Starr Group, Firespring Founder

“It’s only impossible until it’s not.” – Spencer Munson, Lincoln Calling (Now with Doane University, Spencer Munson Productions)

“Give up the idea of perfection and work towards progress.” – Shannon Claire, Lincoln Calling

“I always try to surround myself by really smart and thoughtful people. We can really deal with these issues by working together.” – Shawna Forsberg, United Way of the Midlands


2023 Guests:

“People see you when you see you.” – Dr. Jeanette Patterson, Lincoln Hills Cares

“The dollars we spend are the world’s most powerful force for change.” – Cullen Schwarz, DoneGood

“We have to remember that each of us is special and can contribute that specialness to the world, and the world grows and becomes better and expands because of our having been a part of it.” – Tammy Day, Daycos

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be a value.” – Karen Gibler, Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce

“Surround yourself with people that will raise you up.” – Jenna Thomsen, Health Center Association of Nebraska (HCAN)

“What’s going to be different about you, about your fundraising, or about your work, or about your organization or your message? What is it?” – Rob Wu, CauseVox

“You’ll never regret using your time to serve others.” – Ashley Quigley, HOPE’S IN

“Where your heart breaks, that’s where you begin working.” -Courtney McGovern, HOPE’S IN

“Saying yes to yourself isn’t about you, it’s about the lives that you touch.” – Abby Havermann, Abby Havermann Coaching

“I really believe that part of my purpose is to help create the future.” – Anne Constantino, Constantino Consulting Agency

“Helping people can feel like sharing a cup of coffee.” – Kyle Kinney, Nebraska Family Helpline

“Never stop doing something until you hear the bell, or you knock it out.” Richard Webb, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands

“To deny your discomfort is to ultimately deny part of yourself.” Sterling Hawkins, Keynote Speaker

“Curiosity invites opportunity.” Anne Thompson Brandt, Lincoln Littles

“Don’t be boring.” Hanson Hosein, HRH Media Group

“Keep moving forward.” Eric Davis, Pretred

“With hope comes recovery and health.” Aileen Brady, Community Alliance

“Never stop learning and evolving.” Michelle Paulk, Lincoln Community Foundation

“Find what you care most about and do something with it.” Debra Brown, Good Business Colorado

“There’s a human story in every cause.” Maggie Hartmans and Brittany Zampella, Farsighted Creative

“Remember who you are here to serve.” Sarita Reddy, Adeo

“Support your employees’ dreams or they’ll dream of leaving.” David Lubofsky, Creative Technologist

“Change your thoughts, change your life.” Jaymes Sime, Child Saving Institute

“Your reputation is your capital, spend it wisely.” John Zaring, The Zaring Group

“Breathe, believe and begin again.” Heather Ehle, Project Sanctuary

“Look after your brain and look after your friends’ brains.” Rob Joseph, Anti Ordinary

“Get up early in the morning and go to bed early in the night, and that’s pretty much a success story to me.” Tom Reese, Reese & Associates (on his 90th birthday)

“Live life to the max and create a world that was not possible before you.” Gareth Evans, VECKTA

“Be engaged, pay attention.” Rebecca Firestone, OpenSky Policy Institute

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Bill Tortorici, Clayton Early Learning

“We always have more to learn than we have to tell.” – Susie Keisler-Munro, Assurity

“Do my actions matter? When I get engaged is there a return or a benefit? And I just want to underscore that they do. And it does.” – Becky Gould, Nebraska Appleseed

“It’s not a sprint, this is a marathon. And it takes time, and it takes a collective, and we can’t do it alone. And so just be conscious of pacing yourself, giving yourself the grace and love that you need to do this work, and you’ll see the change that you seek.” – Hugues Sygney Jr., B Lab U.S. & Canada

“That’s our job—is to make sure that Goodwill employees, Goodwill program participants, that they know that we see something in them, and that there is opportunity for them.” – Tobi Mathouser, Goodwill Omaha

“Never be a finished product.” – Donna Dostal, Community Foundation for Western Iowa

“Whilst we are all equal, we’re certainly not all the same.” – Paul White, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

“If I can live my life following my values, then I am on the right path.” – Cato Lawson Kraft, Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center

“Be generous, be authentic, be open-minded and show up.” – Colleen Kazemi, Social Venture Partners Denver

“People see you when you see you.” – Dr. Jeanette R. Patterson, Lincoln Hills Cares


2024 Guests:

“Just put in the work because hard work does pay off.” – Alexis Schwartz, The Guardian US

“If everything’s a priority, then nothing’s a priority.” – Rebecca Deterding, YMCA of Greater Omaha

“Who you are is as important to me as what you do.” – Helen Fagan, Helen Fagan & Associates

“External validation is artificial validation.” – Monique Farmer, Avant Solutions

“Follow your bliss and make your own luck.” – Rosie Siemer, FIVESEED

“If your heart ain’t where your head is, it doesn’t matter where your head is.” – Walter Gilliam, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

“Listen to the forest that grows rather than the tree that falls.” – Tyler Irvine, Fontanelle Forest

“Make a consistent and relentless effort to make a positive impact in the world and the lives of others.” – Denise Gehringer, Sheltering Tree, Inc

“Few burdens are heavy when everyone lifts.” – Macala Carter, Center for People

“Everything you do makes a difference.” – Susan Graf, Alpine Bank

“Take the nap, you deserve it.” – Kari Lundeen, Nebraska Community Blood Bank

“Be kind. You may never know how your kindness will impact those you meet.” – Cheryl Warholoski, Nebraska Community Blood Bank

“Keep moving forward, be kinder, be more gentler with yourself and others, and just keep moving forward and things will show themselves. You’ll know your next steps.” – Sandy Morrissey, Region V Systems

“Wherever you find yourself, always leave it better.” – Dana Wockenfuss, The Well

“Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses, and our greatest weaknesses are our greatest strengths.” – Donny Larson, The Well


We know there are always more changemakers out there who deserve their turn in the spotlight, and we’d love to meet them all. So we’ll keep going. Thanks for listening and here’s to 200 more episodes!