About KidGlov - Lincoln, Nebraska Office

There is an old saying, that “to handle something with kid gloves,” means to treat it with special care. This illustrates how we go about our business and is one of the reasons we handpicked KidGlov as our name and mark.

Kid gloves, made of smooth, refined high-quality materials, were worn in the 18th century because they stood out as symbols of elite sophistication. They were expertly crafted for the perfect fit. Though times have changed, the fundamental meaning of handling something as if wearing kid gloves still remains.

To us, KidGlov embodies how we intentionally serve people with great care. It stands for how we strategically and tactfully work with you side-by-side to advance your organization and brand for success. It symbolizes how we tailor, pattern and button up fresh creative ideas to fit you and your mission with perfection.