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Ashley Stuhr

Art Director 

Fortunate for KidGlov, Ashley’s curiosity about advertising begaway back in middle schoolIt seemed quite natural for her to tear logos off of shopping bags and pin them admiringly onto the bedroom wall of her childhood.   

A Nebraska native, Ashley attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney, majoring in Visual Communications and Design. After graduation, she worked at a local print shopwhere she developed a love for beautiful pieces made of paper and ink. Before joining KidGlov, Ashley made an impressive impact at Iridian, an ad agency in Omaha.  

The recipient of numerous awards, including AMA Awards and ADDY Awards, Ashley’s elite skillset in graphic design, print production, photography and interactive allow her to flesh out a concept across any number of media types – with finesse and flair. She’s currently working (and playing) in our Omaha office, coming up with brilliances.  

Intuitive Artist 

Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you. One of Ashley’s other superpowers is that she’s a great listener. She tends to connect with brands emotionally and intuitively, then translates that information into a visual story. In this way, she creates designs that move people.  

Ashley dreams about a lot of things. One of them is traveling to all 50 states by the times she’s 40 years old(She’s already been to 38.) When she has a free weekend, you can often find Ashley in Omaha at live music venues, the farmers market, or lovin’ up her threepersonality-plus cats: Mulder, Charlie and Xavier.