January 28, 2022

3 R’s to Make Your Fundraising Greener


By Kelley Peterson

Taking one (or better yet, three) from the environmentalist playbook, here are three ways you can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your marketing efforts to raise more money for your nonprofit organization.

Jack Johnson, sings it best in his song, The 3 R’s…

Three, it’s a magic number
Yes it is, it’s a magic number
Because two times three is six
And three times six is eighteen
And the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is “R”, yeah
We’ve got three R’s we’re going to talk about today



The first R is Reduce. Meaning to use less.

Developing an annual marketing plan and content calendar saves you time and money. It really is an effective way to use less brain power on what to do throughout the year and empowers you to spend more time sticking to it for better results.

Some reductions to consider are:

  1. Reduce the number of marketing channels you’re on. Streamline your focus on who and where your donors are. Are you trying to be in all places for all people? Are your donors really on TikTok?
  2. Reduce reach and increase your frequency. Go deeper vs. wider by cutting down your quantity and sending more quality messages. Are you sending only one direct mail piece a year? If so, consider sending more times to fewer people so you can be in mailboxes (and top of mind) more often.
  3. Reduce mass messages to get more targeted and personalized. Use variable data to your advantage and add human elements like handwritten notes and phone calls. Are you sending the same email to your entire list? If so, consider making subsets of your list and messaging to them differently. Maybe your monthly donors get their own communications.



The second R is Reuse. Meaning to use again, in a new way.

Another way to reduce time and energy towards your marketing efforts is to reuse your content. Use multi-channels to work smarter for you, not harder.

Reusing content takes advantage of the adage of the rule of seven that says someone needs to hear or see a marketing message at least seven times before they act. Reuse doesn’t necessarily mean cut and paste word for word, but it does mean to use again in a new way.

An effective way to reuse content is through the classic combination of your website, email, and social media. For example, you can reuse content from three blogs for six newsletters and 18 social posts. (See what I did there, thanks to Jack Johnson? 🙂 )

All joking aside. You can efficiently and consistently tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that will save you time and money by reusing content and connecting the dots between your website, email and social.



The third R is Recycle. Meaning to return to a raw state and create something new.

Every nonprofit should recycle and recycle often by revisiting what makes your brand your brand. Go back to your organization’s raw state and talk about the foundational reasons why you do what you do.

Use your vision, mission, and values to create something new that continues to be relevant for the optimism and change the world needs to see and what your donors want to support.

Recycle your nonprofit’s stories of success. Shout them from the rooftops, as it may be the first time that a potential donor hears how your organization made someone’s grass a little greener.

Let me recap. Three ways to rethink your marketing efforts to raise more money for your nonprofit are:

  1. Reduce your time and energy throughout the year by creating an annual marketing plan and content calendar then sticking to it.
  2. Reuse content within all your multi-channels – most especially the combo of your website, emails and social media.
  3. Recycle your inspiration. Use your vision, mission, and values to create something new, relevant and purposeful to your supporters.

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