January 18, 2024

How to Maximize Your Direct Mail Fundraising

Katie Ripa

In a world where we’re glued to screens more often than not and Zoom fatigue is real, it’s no surprise that people are craving real-life interaction more than ever. Enter direct mail – a tangible, personal touch that is more powerful than ever!

According to the US Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail daily and spend upwards of 30 minutes with it on a single occasion.

Harnessing the potential of direct mail to elevate your fundraising endeavors is simpler than you might imagine. That’s why we’ve crafted the ultimate checklist to guide you through the process.

After downloading this handy tool, you’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Add a human, personalized touch to your appeals
  • Make a big impression to grab donors’ attention
  • Increase engagement that boosts your ROI
  • Enable your mailer to miss the circular file (a.k.a. the trash can)

This checklist is your ticket to supercharging your fundraising efforts and cultivating curiosity as you shape your next nonprofit direct mail marketing campaign.

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