March 3, 2020

Branding: Kids…Gloves…What’s in a Name?

By Kelly Lytle, Copywriter at KidGlov 

Names, in marketing if not in all of life, are important. At their best, they should evoke questions from those who don’t know you. If your name represents your story or your core values, you’ve been given a gift when those questions arise!

Those of us on the KidGlov team certainly receive questions. “Interesting name – what’s the connection?”

Ah, so glad you asked!

Some of you may be very familiar, and some of you may think we’re talking about gloves made from children (we are not) or tiny little gloves for children (not that, either). No, this particular kind of glove, history tells us, became all the rage in the late 1700s. While KidGlov has a long and proud history, we’re a little younger than 250 years.

If you’ve ever watched classic movies or spent time looking at very old family portraits (the kind where no one smiles and everyone is sitting on a tiny chair), you may have seen a pair of white gloves perched oh-so-elegantly on a lady’s lap or table.

Chances are those were kid gloves, made of the softest leather and considered the daintiest gloves of them all. Over time, the phrase “handle it with kid gloves” was used to describe approaching something with gentleness, respect and care, indicating it was very important and valuable. You’d handle a Ming vase with kid gloves. You’d handle a particularly important person (or client) with kid gloves.

When this agency was founded a decade ago by Lyn Wineman, she and the original KidGlov group brought a wealth of experience from their big ad agency roots. Over everything else, it was decided, as a boutique agency, we would treat every client and every project with kid gloves.

No, we don’t think clients are Ming vases, fragile or easily broken! We see every client we work with as not just unique and valuable, but important. There’s no “B Team” here, no “downshifting clients” to a junior team or prioritizing based on size or scope. There’s just a group of people using their professional talents and experience to help our clients find success in all the different ways they’re bringing positive change to the world.

What could be more important?

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