April 14, 2020

KidGlov vs. The Global Pandemic

In one corner: KidGlov, a boutique advertising agency serving organizations that affect positive change. In the other corner: a global pandemic threatening devastating destruction.

It’s a match up a lot of us are facing and one that’s feeling a lot like the story of Rosie the Riveter. There have been a lot of adjustments as we defend against COVID-19, but we remain here, strong for our clients.

In a Friday the 13th to remember, we were forced to start re-thinking what it means to support clients. It started out as a typical, busy day, full of projects, meetings, strategizing and creativity. When a pandemic national emergency was called, we found ourselves immediately redirecting and facing a lot of new changes, from the canceling of some of our biggest projects to implementing a new work from home staffing model.

And as working from home “for a short time” turned into a month and counting, and cancelled projects turned into new strategies to support clients amidst a global crisis, I’m extremely proud of our team in the near seamless transition we’ve made.

We’re all facing a lot of challenges, but I feel grateful. While projects have changed, we have retained all of our clients as they try to figure out their new normal. We’re honored to strategically support them as they respond to COVID-19, putting our creative solutions to palpable, positive change.

Despite all, we’ve been extremely busy. Working long days (and nights, in some cases) to swiftly retool messages and campaigns to meet new goals. It’s amazing how quickly messaging can change in light of current events, but we’re prepared. At KidGlov, we’re optimists and changemakers. This is the kind of work we were made for and we’re prepared to support clients as they look toward their next chapter.

I appreciate everyone who has asked about us over the last few weeks. I’m happy to say, with full belief, that we’ll be fine. Our KidGlov team has really pulled together. With offices in Lincoln, Omaha and Denver, we’re used to working creatively as a team across boundaries. Everyone has remained optimistic, courageous, and yes – hopeful.

Our team is full of great people and we’re privileged to serve great clients. We can do this! I fully believe we’ll evolve stronger, more empathetic, and more focused than ever.

Despite the world we find ourselves in, I find time for celebration. The move to a new Lincoln office (in Commerce Court, 1230 O St., Ste. 111) is still on track for May 1. Luckily for us, construction and moving companies are designated as essential and we are having fun coordinating a “social distance” move. Stay-tuned for more details. We can’t wait to have you all over for a future open house!

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