Prevention Coalition

Underage Drinking Campaign

“Everyone’s Doing It.”

Many teens take their first sip of alcohol in high school, though most have one before that. Region V System’s Prevention Coalition wanted a way to help parents and teens talk about the dangers of underage drinking in an open and honest way.

This campaign helped “spill the tea” on this important topic with YOLO Solo, a downloadable game that flips beer pong on its head by turning it into an educational conversation starter.


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Cheers to Impressive Results

Bringing parents these vital tools and resources allowed them to communicate an important message to their teens about the risks of underage drinking: you really only live once.

A resource-rich landing page helped drive home the point, by offering additional tips and information on the effects of alcohol, as well as a link to download the game.

Ultimately, the biggest win of this campaign was helping prevent young adults from making mistakes that can last well beyond their teen years.


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digital ad impressions and 1,670 clicks


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