Prevention Coalition

Gun Safety Campaign

Who Has Access to Your Socks? Guns?

In an average year, 172 people die by guns in Nebraska, with almost 100% of them avoidable. To draw attention to these jarring statistics, Region V Systems Prevention Coalition came to KidGlov to create a unique campaign that accurately communicated the seriousness of properly storing firearms.

The KidGlov team put their heads together to devise a positively disruptive message that effectively conveyed the gravity of securing firearms in both an approachable and attention-grabbing manner. The campaign’s verbiage centered around the idea that access to firearms should never be as easy as grabbing a sock from a drawer.

Each campaign piece was beyond eye-catching, featuring different socks based on the target audiences (teen gym socks for parents, camouflage socks for hunters), followed by an image of a gun with the bold headline, “Who Has Access to your Socks? Guns?”


  • Landing page

  • Social media ads

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  • Movie theater trailer

  • Billboard

Safety First

KidGlov scoured reputable resources to gather the most accurate information on gun death statistics as well as safety practices. We then worked with a local coalition of concerned organizations in Region V’s service area, from the Department of Health and Human Services to business owners of shooting ranges, to better understand key audiences.

Throughout the three-month campaign, the Gun Safety page on Prevention Coalition’s Talk Heart 2 Heart website was the undeniable standout, recording an impressive 11,248 page views. What’s more, an astounding 50% of visitors were specifically drawn to the Gun Safety content, cementing its position as the most popular page on the website during that time frame.

KidGlov was proud to empower Region V Systems in addressing gun safety while using our expertise to create materials that exceeded the campaign’s original metrics. By strongly emphasizing the critical importance of properly securing all firearms, our approach not only generated substantial web traffic but also effectively shared life-saving information.


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