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November 1, 2022

How to Optimize Google Analytics for Grant Reporting

Google Analytics is full of valuable information about your organization’s website traffic, which plays a critical role in optimizing your grant reports. 

If you love data, you won’t mind getting lost in the maze of Google’s Analytics platform. Knowing exactly what data to mine can be a bit more complex for the rest of us. 

The good news? Getting started is easier than you might think – and we’ve got you covered with the six most useful Google Analytics for your grant reporting process. 

After downloading this guide, you’ll walk away knowing: 

  • Who is visiting your website 
  • What pages users are on 
  • Where people are located 
  • When they come to your site 
  • The effectiveness of your marketing efforts 

This guide will aid you in showing grantors exactly how many people are seeing – and using – the resources your organization provides on your website. 

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