June 27, 2023

Unwrapping Nonprofit Marketing Trends Layer by Layer


Happy summer! This blog article is inspired by America’s favorite tri-colored popsicle, the Bomb Pop, a frozen confection featuring different flavored layers of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

The original popsicle concept traces back to 1905 when an imaginative 11-year-old accidentally left soda pop flavoring to freeze, birthing the term “popsicle” (“pop” + “icicle”). Fast forward 50 years, and the delicious Americana-inspired Bomb Pop was crafted by Merritt Foods in Kansas City, Missouri.

With that tasty piece of history in mind, let’s unwrap the latest ways to lick the challenge of reaching donors through your social media, email, and website.

Layer One: Social Media

Your social posts should be snackable, short, sweet, relevant, and authentic. The trend leans towards sub-2-minute online videos, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which crave genuine DIY content. “Pay-to-play” tactics are essential for social media success to widen your reach.

Layer Two: Email

Embrace a mobile-first strategy in your emails, assuming most recipients view them on their phones. Ditch the lengthy, image-packed newsletters and opt for concise, visually appealing content. A responsive website is an excellent complement to this strategy.

Layer Three: Website

Apart from mobile friendliness, prioritize accessibility following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Enhance the digital experience for users with disabilities, including auditory, visual, physical, and cognitive impairments.

To hear more about the importance of accessibility, listen to these KidGlov Agency for Change podcast interviews with Paulette Monthei from Outlook Enrichment and Mike Adams from Purple.

To recap, three trendy flavors to layer into your nonprofit marketing mix are:

Social Media

Make your content “snackable” with short, sweet, and authentic videos, especially for social media.


Prioritize mobile-friendly messages and design. Less is more.


Follow accessibility best practices to ensure everyone can use your site as intended.

If you need a hand with your social mediaemail, or website give us a shout; or if you want to learn more marketing tips, go to KidGlov.com/nonprofit.

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