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Social Impact Campaign Through Schools

Social Impact

Make School Fruitful

Protecting children against COVID-19 is no joke. This is why Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Community Health & Advocacy and Nebraska Department of Education partnered with KidGlov to craft a fresh campaign to help boost the vaccination rate among kids in Nebraska.  

This multi-channel marketing campaign leveraged schools as an effective communication channel to encourage parents to talk to their child’s doctor about the COVID-19 vaccine. Messages were thoughtfully created to inspire kids, families, and the community to have a fruitful school year.  


  • Posters

  • Stickers

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  • Social Media Posts

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  • FAQ Sheet

  • Physician Letter

  • Newsletter Content

  • Automated Messages

  • Virtual Background

Orange You Glad Kids Can Be Vaccinated?

This campaign made a not-so-fun topic, fun and engaging by using vibrant, eye-catching fruit “peared” with witty copy and fact-based info to share this important message about COVID-19 vaccines for kids. 

Campaign toolkits were emailed and physically sent to local schools and health departments across Nebraska and a landing page was created to make materials digitally accessible and easy to download.  

Adding to the “ap-peel,” materials were translated into multiple languages including Spanish, Karen, Arabic and English – making it even more shareable with families.  


students reached through schools


Nebraska health departments were provided valuable resources


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