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Giving Kids the Star Treatment

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International Color Day - Package

Smart Saving Starts Young

As a fixture in 12 communities across Nebraska, Farmers & Merchants Bank has watched plenty of customers’ kids (and even grandkids) grow up and become customers themselves. They’ve learned the secret to raising kids with smart money habits is to start educating them when they’re young. They also know the youngest account holders are the most likely to become loyal customers over time.

FMB wanted to generate positive word-of-mouth with a club just for kids, teaching them about important topics like getting a head start on saving and being a smart spender. KidGlov stepped in and created Star Savers, a one-of-a-kind direct mail program that makes financial education downright fun.


  • Direct mail

  • Direct mail production

  • One-of-a-kind packaging

  • Custom illustrations

  • Engaging copy

  • Social media contest

“Surprise and Delight”

Who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail? That’s the simple premise behind the Star Savers campaign. Each member gets their very own Star Savers savings account then several times a year, they receive a gift box with treats, toys, and activities designed to surprise, delight, and educate. Past themes include the solar system, the science of colors, and International Teddy Bear Day.

Parents get in on the fun too, sharing photos on social media of their children showing off their Star Savers surprises. The club continues to grow, with more than 650 members, thanks to the buzz generated by these shared experiences.

Teddy Bear Day - Package
Space Day - Package


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